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About Us

Made and Sharon Karyasa adore Bali and the traditional Hindu spiritual ceremonies and culture which are part of their everyday lives.

Made is Balinese and has been in tourism almost as long as he 

has been speaking.

His first job was in the magical Sangeh Monkey Forest playing the Gamelan, a traditional Balinese instrument. He would sit outside the Monkey Forest busking to tourists when he was only six years old.

Whilst working as a river guide Made learnt to speak English and Japanese from grateful tourists who would recommend his expert customer service, fun adventures, and his enthusiasm to make you laugh.

His varied customer service experience includes being head maître d for the exclusive Kunis Japanese restaurant in Seminyak, where he met and became friends with people from all over the world.

Made presently operates Laughing Buddha Bali Tours, his tours are well known for his speciality in providing private guided excursions. He is a natural educator and has extensive knowledge of ancient Balinese Hindu culture, healing processes and sacred Sanskrit text.

Made has a cheeky personality and his motto is to ensure that all guests have fun and most importantly laugh.

Sharon was born in Australia and loves to write. She is published author, poet, travel writer and inspirational speaker. You can find out more about Sharon on her blog

Sharon and Made’s mutual respect for all nationalities and their advocacy for cultural inclusion, transcended a dream to a reality. Tri Sandhya Villa commenced business in 2013 and quickly became a space for travellers from all over the world to truly relax and unwind from the pressures of everyday life. Since opening its doors Tri Sandhya Villa has seen over fifty different nationalities stay and enjoy the magic.

"We love people, we love Bali and we respect all cultures, nationalities and religions. Thank you for finding us, we wish you a warm welcome to Tri Sandhya Villa and Laughing Buddha Bali Tours. A truly special place on Earth to enjoy the magic.

We can’t wait to meet you soon, safe travel to Paradise".

Blessings from Made & Sharon.

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