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We are all facing so many challenges at this time. My wish is to share my sanskrit meditation and healing through the zoom platform.

The meditation and healing session will take place at Tri Sandhya Villa and in your own home. No meditation experience is necessary.

The process runs between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The main purpose of this experience is to transfer my energy through wellness exercise and Sanskrit mantras by ringing of the bell.

We will unite together by sitting quietly in a relaxing position, which we call asana.

I will guide you through pranayama, which is a Hindu breathing technique, this will relax and clear your mind of toxic energy.

We will go through the process of blessing the holy water, this will cleanse your mind, body and soul.

Mediation, mantra and pray will finish the process.

We will have a discussion about the ancient sanskrit methods and teachings, with time for questions.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

To book now please go over to Balinese Water Blessing Ritual on AirBnB.

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