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Laughing Buddha Bali Tours

Due to Covid-19 my tours are presently on hold. Please head over to my Balinese Water Blessing I would be delighted to bless you online.

Welcome to Laughing Buddha Bali Tours. My name is Made and I am Balinese. I have been in tourism almost as long as I have been speaking.

My first job was in the magical Sangeh Monkey Forest playing Bali traditional music with an instrument called The Gambalan to tourists when I was only 6 years old.

My experience as a white river rafting guide is where I learnt to speak English and Japanese from the grateful tourists who would recommend my expert customer service & fun adventures.

I previously worked in a Japanese restaurant for many years where I have met and became friends with people from all over the world.

I have designed a range of tours which offer a unique experience. My tours are designed to show you the real spiritual Bali and I wish to share the magical side of my beautiful Island home.

I study ancient Sanskrit Balinese Hindu scriptures, to enhance my knowledge in my Hindu philosophy.

My motto is to make you laugh, after all thats what holidays are for.

For your comfort Our Laughing Buddha Bali Tour Car is a seven-seater Toyota Avanza model with air conditioning, 

air bags stereo & all modern features.

Laughing Buddha Bali Tours are holistic and prices quoted are fixed pick up in the Ubud area.

For pick up in other areas a small surcharge maybe added. If you have any idea's or questions please email me, I am looking forward to meeting you soon in Bali.

photo credit Anton Geyser

Made has 25 years experience in tourism, it is with pleasure he will share his incredible knowledge of the Ancient Hindu Religion. Made's desire is to ensure you have fun while on tour in his words, 'When on tour with Laughing Buddha Bali Tours we will make you laugh"

Review from Kristel (Australia)

"One of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life, and made all the greater by Made. I recommend Made and his Holy Temple to everyone especially women who like ourselves are on a healing journey"

Review from Gerry (Holland)

"I am so happy with you Made, I have been looking for a guide to show me Bali, someone who can speak English well and know's the culture. Thank you for taking myself and Dorien on a wonderful adventure"

Review from Linda & Suzy (Australia)

"Made the best tour guide you could have so much fun seeing his smiling face every year we go back to Bali"

Review from Jim (England)

"Made, thank you very much for your excellent service, Sheila, Victoria and I got so much out of the two full day trips you took us on. Your knowledge is superb and gave us a good insight into life on the island. I look forward to be able to give 5stars when your tours are on Tripadvisor. Loved our walk around the rice paddy. We also loved your villa which had such a great feel about it and was so stylish"

Holy Purification Tour

This will be one of the most magical spiritual experiences you will have when visiting Bali. I will greet you with a smile at 6am. On our drive we will have a discussion about the ancient Balinese Hindu Culture, I love answering questions and sharing 

my knowledge.

I will explain the rituals that will take place when we arrive at the beautiful Village where the Holy Spring Water Temple is situated. We will give gratitude for entering this sacred space.

I will guide you through our ancient Hindu prayer process before entering the temple. I study ancient Balinese Hindu text, which includes Sanskrit and understand the complicated processes.

My intention is to share our mystical culture in a fun way, to give you behind the scenes moments to fully immerse in the process with local Balinese visitors. We will bathe with the locals under the Holy Springs & hear the fascinating stories in mystical surroundings. The cool water has healing properties, after bathing in the Holy Springs you are guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and fresh. For some this can even be a spiritual awakening or healing experience. We meander to a famous rice terrace, I will take fun photos as a souvenir.

Book direct through our partner AirBnB Experiences, link on home page. If you prefer a private tour, which could include incorporating adding or altering the set tour, please do not hesitate to email us.

Kintamani Volcano & Cultural Dance Tour

Today you will enjoy the most spectacular scenery and cultural delights on our Kintamani Volcano Tour.

On our first stop we will visit the village of Batubulan where you will see the Beautiful Barong and Keris Dance.

After the performance we will discuss the cultural significance of the dance tradition on our drive towards Kintamani. Along the way we will stop at Tegalalang village to see beautiful rice terrace, with breathtaking rice terrace views, cliffs and palms trees.

We then drive North East direct to the Kintamini Village Volcano and Mt. Batur Lake where you will enjoy lunch taking in the famous panoramic view.

Kintamani Volcano & Cultural Dance Tour includes:

Daily pick up at 9.00am – drop off 4.30pm

All entry tickets

Price: Rp750,000 per person two or more people take off rp 50,000 each (lunch at own cost)

Mt Batur – Kintamani Volcano Sunrise Trekking

We wake up at 2.30am to Bali Coffee and continental breakfast at Tri Sandhya Villa. We will travel to the starting point and meet our local and experience trekking guide.

We have prepared special offerings to thank the Gods. We will start by putting offerings at the commencement of the trek at the bottom of the Mountain.

We will commence to trek to the summit of Mount Batur (1,717 m) high. I will guide you to the top of the mountain, we will commence in darkness and as we approach the peak the sunrise will coordinate with our arrival.

The nature will spoil you with surprise scenes of unparalleled beauty. I will explain the significance of the Hindu Culture during our trek. Once we have reached the summit we will place 9 offerings to appease the Gods to protect the world.

We will have snacks and refreshments packed for energy before we start our decent. You will continue to observe more natural sights all the while in amazement that this Volcano is still active. The black sand and lava deposit created by centuries-old eruptions, the energy you will feel after your trek will be a true Balinese memory and appreciation of your time close to the Gods.

2.30am Start from Tri Sandhya Villla

Includes all offerings, snacks and guided tour

Rp1,200,000 per person

two or more take Rp50,000 per person

Sangeh Friendly Monkey Forest and Mumbul Lake District

Let me show you the most magical & picturesque Monkey Forest in Bali. Sangeh is my home Village & I have many stories to share on this special tour. 10 hectares of Bali Sangeh Monkey Forest are filled with giant nutmeg trees capable of growing as high as 40m.

Don’t be scared of the monkeys I have grown up with these funny guy’s and we will have a fun time visiting their home where these sacred monkeys live.

I will also show you the beautiful Bukit Sari temple and share stories of my Hindu culture.

We will visit Taman Mumbul Lake where you can drink the holy spring water which is used for ceremonies around the village. For the more energetic I will take you to a secret waterfall close to my Village

On our way back passing famous rice terrace to Tri Sandhya Villa or your hotel we will stop in at a famous Ubud Warung you can choose from a wonderful variety local & western food.

Tour Price: Rp 650,000 one person

two or more take off Rp50,000

Includes entry ticket to monkey forest & lake (lunch at own cost)

* When booking please quote "Beautiful Sangeh & Lake District" 

The Miracle of Batuan Temple

This special temple is said by some to have the highest spirit in Bali. The Batuan Temple is a beautiful architectural complex founded in the year 944 over 1,000 years old.

The Temple represents the three gods Brahma, Vishnu & Siva. The compound has a complex variety of temples all immaculately preserved.

The temple’s caretaker’s include a dedicated group of women who work tirelessly to produce offerings for the many celebrations expected by the Hindu traditions.

Our tour is a sacred one, and out of respect for the culture and tradition we ask that a sarong is worn (available at temple entry) and that women menstruating do not enter the complex.

This temple has a magical purity and gives you a sense of the ancient traditions. Explanations of the wonders of this Hindu complex will be explained by Sharon & Made.

Batuan is centrally located between Ubud & Kuta and very close to the Silver, Wood & Stone Carving also Balinese Traditional Painting districts. Please ask us if you would like to visit any of these areas.

Afterward's we have lunch at a Balinese Warung and we discuss stories of the Hindu Religion.

Daily pick up from hotel at 9am and drop off at 2pm

Rp 350,000 one person two or more people take off rp 50,000

Lunch at own cost

What to bring: An open mind. Money for donation for sarong at Temple Entry & Lunch.

Campuhan Walk - A Trek to Remember

Our tour starts on the Campuhan Bridge where you will take in the wonders of picturesque scenery.

We will pass the Campuhan Temple where Made will explain the significance of this Temple and its location situated between the Lungsiakan and Sidemen Rivers.

We take you past local farmers who are preparing “Alang alang” process for building traditional Balinese roofs. The view is spectacular soaking up rice fields, coconut trees and forest views.

We pass many artist galleries and Villages where you can wander through or ask questions along the way or even bargain for that special piece of art work you have been searching for.

We break at a delightful eatery where you will enjoy a delicious coconut and banana pancake. You are seated in a beautiful “Balinese Bale” surrounded by ponds of fish, with a landscape of uninterrupted rice field views.

After your leisurely breakfast we are revitalized to head back down the track full of energy for the rest of your day.

Daily pick up from hotel at 5.30 am and drop off at 7.30am

Tour Price: Rp 400,000 per person

Rice Paddy Trek and Rafting Tour

Let me take you on a fantastic adventure on the Ayung River the longest river in Bali with breathtaking views of unspoiled rainforest, rice paddy terraces, magical temples cliff art and more.

Our tour starts at the top of Ayung River where you will trek through rice paddies basking in the nature with Mt. Bratan smiling in the background.

Safety is my number one concern when you book with me, you can feel secure in my care with full insurance & safety equipment is included.

Tour includes transport, trek, river rafting and hot buffet lunch. The finishing point has clean hot showers, clean towels and changing rooms. You will reflect on your morning enjoying your hot gourmet buffet feast at a restaurant overlooking rice fields and rain forest.

Rice Paddy Trek and Rafting Tour Pick up at 9am drop off at 2.30pm Daily

Rp 650,000 per person

Made's Secret Trek Adventure

Farmland, rice fields, people and animals. This trek is a surprise walk through local farmland and rice terraces not advertised in any tourist brochure. I will explain the process of local farming whilst along the way you will meet farmers living and working in their natural environment. My knowledge of local agricultural processes and culture is of great significance on this tour. You will climb rice terraces and wonder along tracks all the while taking in the fresh air and uninterrupted breathtaking views whilst the sun sets in Paradise.

Pick up at 3.30 drop off at 6.30pm Daily

Tour Price Rp450,000 per person two or more take of Rp50,000 per person

Spectacular Quad Biking Adventure

This will be one of the adventure highlights you will do whilst visiting Bali. This fun excursion provides you with a great opportunity to explore and get closer to the beauty of Bali’s remote community and its natural areas.

The quad bike adventure provides fun with the opportunity to see Balinese rural nature not experienced on regular tours.

Get your Adrenaline running while observing the nature and local Balinese life.

Pick up at 9am drop off at 12.30pm.

(optional money for drinks CD photo or video).

One person Rp900,000 (Single) Two people tandem Rp1,300,000

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